How does ThetaHealing® work?

ThetaHealing® Technique allows us to work with the Creator to help attain harmony in our mind, body and spirit and allows limiting beliefs to be cleared and replaced with positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

The ThetaHealing® technique is a world-renown healing method that was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.

What to expect during a Thetahealing® session?

The session begins by asking permission to connect to your energy and guide you to ThetaHealing® Mediation. Then ask what it is you would like to work on.

Every session is unique but the typical session includes an intuitive scan, belief work, and healing.
In our first session, I will teach you to use a muscle test, to see what limiting beliefs are held in your subconscious. These beliefs are then reprogrammed with empowering and supportive beliefs. And when your beliefs change, your thoughts, feelings and actions change. Nothing is changed without your permission. And I ask your verbal permission for every belief change and for any healing that is done.