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  • "I HAD A THETAHEALING SESSION WITH JULIANA TO HELP ME WITH FEAR OF HEIGHTS, THE EXPERIENCE WAS AMAZING, Juliana talked me though everything step by step. The session helped me to brake through some walks i had built in fear. Since the theta healing alot in my life has changed. I don't even think twice about climbing a ladder. I really enjoyed the healing session, it has changed my outlook on life. I would recommend Juliana to people that are ready to leave unwanted feelings behind, like fear of heights."


  • "JULIANA IS AN EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL IN THETAHEALING AND REIKI. She is very thoughtful and welcoming who takes the time to get to know you, really listens to you and tailor her approach to your specific needs in order to help you through healing holistic therapy. I am very happy to see the positive impact it has been on me as I feel more balanced and helped me to heal on all levels. I highly recommend!"


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  • "I HAVE HAD ONE SESSION OF THETA HEALING WITH JULIANA AND I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. It was a very pleasant experience for me. Juliana ensure you are at ease throughout it and makes you feel very relaxed with her calming voice... I've already seen some benefits from only one session and will definitely be having another x"


  • “I REALLY ENJOYED MY REIKI SESSION WITH JULIANA. She created a very safe and relaxing space. The session started with a gentle guided meditation and it wasn't long before I felt a sense of deep relaxation. I felt very grounded afterwards. I would highly recommend Juliana as a Reiki therapist.”


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“AS SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT EXPERIENCED THETAHEALING PREVIOUSLY, I was really surprised at how I felt during and after the healing. I felt that I was in a deep meditation and extremely relaxed. It was easy for me to stay focused on what Juliana was saying and what I was thinking. The session helped me to identify what was wrong about the situation I was looking to 'fix'. This in turn helped me realise that I cannot take my experiences from this situation forward into new ones. I feel ready to take a step forward now and am happy to at least try. I would recommend Juliana to people who have blocked themselves (whether they realise that or not) from trying new things. She's given me the confidence to try and that's all I can ask for now. Thanks a lot Juliana, I really enjoyed the experience and am so relaxed now.” EIBHLIS, IRELAND

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