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  • “I REALLY ENJOYED MY REIKI SESSION WITH JULIANA. She created a very safe and relaxing space. The session started with a gentle guided meditation and it wasn't long before I felt a sense of deep relaxation. I felt very grounded afterwards. I would highly recommend Juliana as a Reiki therapist.”


  • "JULIANA IS SO AMAZING! I ATTENDED HER YOU AND THE CREATOR SEMINAR LAST WEEK. Her accurate intuition, compassion and love impressed me deeply. I love her! She does not only teach me the course, but also download lots of useful feeling and belief which benefit myself. She helped me dig deep my limited belief, I appreciated it very much! How interesting and unforgettable seminar it is! I obtained lots of from Juliana and wish she can contribute more energy and love to this world. Thanks Creator to lead me take part in her class. Thanks Juliana!"


  • I HAVE HAD ONE SESSION OF THETA HEALING WITH JULIANA AND I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. It was a very pleasant experience for me. Juliana ensure you are at ease throughout it and makes you feel very relaxed with her calming voice... I've already seen some benefits from only one session and will definitely be having another x


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  • "I HAD A THETAHEALING SESSION WITH JULIANA TO HELP ME WITH FEAR OF HEIGHTS, THE EXPERIENCE WAS AMAZING, Juliana talked me though everything step by step. The session helped me to brake through some walks i had built in fear. Since the theta healing alot in my life has changed. I don't even think twice about climbing a ladder. I really enjoyed the healing session, it has changed my outlook on life. I would recommend Juliana to people that are ready to leave unwanted feelings behind, like fear of heights."


  • "JULIANA IS AN EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL IN THETAHEALING AND REIKI. She is very thoughtful and welcoming who takes the time to get to know you, really listens to you and tailor her approach to your specific needs in order to help you through healing holistic therapy. I am very happy to see the positive impact it has been on me as I feel more balanced and helped me to heal on all levels. I highly recommend!"


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"I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH YOU TODAY MY EXPERIENCE AS JULIANA’S STUDENT. Since I started on my journey of holistic healing, I always seek opportunities to heal my body with Universal Energy and Juliana helped in this process. As a student of Juliana’s, I’m proud to say that I started my journey of holistic therapies in good hands. I’m a Nutrition and Health Coach and I want to help my clients to improve all areas of their life’s. I did the Basic DNA and Advance DNA Thetahealing course with Juliana and now I know that it is totally possible to bring this kind of holistic healing to my own practice. She shows me during the course that it is possible to align everything to help people. Juliana has a huge knowledge of all Universal Energy healing therapies, which make a lot of difference when we talk about this subject. She is very kind and teaches very calmly, explaining everything with a lot of patience, showing love in what she is doing. I highly recommend Juliana’s healing therapies and courses." SIMONE H. GALWAY, IRELAND