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DATE: 15 APRIL, 2024 - MONDAY 

9PM-10:30PM (Dublin/London/Lisbon)
10PM-11:30M (Central European Time)
4PM-5:30PM (Florida)
1PM-2:30PM (California)

Instructor: Juliana Felix

Prerequisite: None

An empowering and enhancing evening that is designed to introduce people to the ThetaHealing® technique.

ThetaHealing® is one of the most powerful energy healing techniques designed by Vianna Stibal during her own personal journey back to health.

At this seminar, you will learn how to tap into the brain’s Theta waves which were previously believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, to connect with the energy of All That Is - The creative energy in everything - to access the limiting beliefs and feelings stored in the subconscious mind that are causing challenges in our life and change them instantly into empowering ones so we can naturally attract more joy, love, wellness, health, abundance and prosperity.

During the Seminar, I will guide you in deep meditation to silence our minds and access our subconscious minds using a quick and effective ThetaHealing® meditation technique.

Join this seminar and discover how the ThetaHealing can help you to live a better life!

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